Hostel Bekuo remains San Jose’s Top Hostel

Hostel Bekuo continues to be San Jose’s Top Hostel

In 2005 Hostel Bekuo exposed their particular doorways and became, in line with the Lonely Planet and many other guidebooks, “Costa Rica’s best hostel”. Today, unlike many hostels in San Jose, Bekuo is enhancing a lot more, and reinvesting within their business, which makes it easy to see the reason why they truly are however the best ranked hostel in San Jose in accordance with, plus many other hosteling sites.

To my newest visit to Bekuo, the newest improvements into hostel had been effortlessly obvious; a 50″ flat display within the family room, a brand new Wii when it comes to old 42″ flat display, a Foosball table, some amazing lamps, as well as a fair level of new art created by past guests and staff members. We have constantly noticed the tiny things, and enjoyed all of them very much, they do at Bekuo also. Like, the employees in fact reside in the hostel, and they get up every morning which will make break fast for visitors. Perhaps not some milk and cereal, a pretty sturdy morning meal of pancakes, fruit, toast and jelly, coffee and tea. At nighttime, whenever things are winding straight down when it comes to night, lights are turned off and only candlelight at home. The owners state this can help reduce electrical energy prices, as well as discourages people from becoming loud at nighttime.

Bekuo has additionally been updating their mattresses as of late. The private rooms, in my opinion, have actually always had great bedrooms, and today the dormitory rooms are becoming high-quality mattresses and covers to suit. When I ask the proprietors how they can manage to make each one of these improvements while charging you only $ 12 per night for a dorm sleep, they point out that hostel is not their just earnings (Ramon is a veterinarian and Storm does design work), so they have no need for the income through the hostel to survive. Also they are quick to indicate that hostel is basically house for them and their employees, and they won’t wish guests in their own home resting on a vintage, uncomfortable mattress and also have nothing to have them entertained. The proprietors also asked Hosteling International (Hello) to eliminate Hostel Bekuo from their web site. HI is among the biggest hostelling businesses in the field, and had been sending quite a few bookings to Bekuo, but based on Ramon and Storm, these weren’t giving the sort of backpackers they sought, plus it made it very hard to keep a cool/relaxed atmosphere in the hostel with these guests.

It really is taken many years for other hostels to begin starting in San Jose. For longest time, there was clearly Toruma, Pangea and Backpackers. But today, you can find a few high end hostels like Hostel Bekuo, Mi Casa Hostel near Los Angeles Sabana, and Hostel 1911 near Los Angeles Clinica Biblica. Nevertheless, however, also these upper level hostels fall short in comparison with Bekuo. Various other hostels having established within the last few few years like Casa Yoses, Kabata, Tuanis, Tranquillo and a few more, have actually fallen down within the high quality location. It’s as though they usually have become too much of a weight the owners, and their particular services continue steadily to decline, as opposed to enhancing.

If you are looking for lodging in San Jose, Hostel Bekuo is the easy choice nowadays. If some of the other smaller hostels start after their lead, that could not be the truth permanently, but until they do, as the saying goes at Bekuo, “if you should be paying $ 12 a night someplace else, you are getting screwed.”

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